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Front Windshield Strips

Guest Johnny5104

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Guest Johnny5104

Guys I was asked to do some windshield strips for a police department and was wondering how to cut them so they have that small curve....any other instructions on how to do one would be great!


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I use a goemetric divider for the lower cut. First I cut the top to the contour of the edge of the window, then use the divider, with a sharpie marker attached to one side, set to about 5 inches wide. Follow the contour of the top edge to mark the bottom edge.

I only mark one side, remove the film, fold it in half (without creasing the center), and cut both sides on a bench. That way both sides are cut identically and the bottom edge follows the contour of the top edge.

I remember a thread here about a year ago where a member showed a nice radius at each end of the strip. I liked that idea and, on my own cars, have used a roll of masking tape as a radius for the ends. It looks more finished with radii on both sides.

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I would try an office supply store first. A compass can also be used, remember geometry class and using a compass to draw circles? A divider is just like a compass, but it doesn't have a pencil on one leg.

If you find a compass, just remove the pencil and replace it with the Sharpie. I attached my Sharpie with two small hose clamps.

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maybe I'll get another TOTW for this, but here's what I use. It's a tuck stick with holes drilled every 1/2". Stick a dry-erase marker in the spot I want for the width of the tint. Run the edge of the tuck stick along the curved edgge of the tint that was cut along the top of the windshield where the clear glass stops, and the marker will make the bottom the same curve and distance. This sounds just like the compass thing, but I could always use another medal!!!

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Guest Litespeeds

Good Tip wndotint. I usually just tell my customer's that I will use the straight edge of the film and the tint will droop down on both edges. Most of my customers actually like that as it gives them extra glare protection. The only thing is it is usually about 2 or 3 inches blow the AS1 line so technically it is not legal. I will give your tip a try. Definitely should deserve a medal for that one. Keep up the great work! :lol

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