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Lost a pet?

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This has NOTHING to do with tinting, but if I talk about it, maybe it will help me through it.

My 7 1/2 year old daschund just got diagnosed with renal failure. She got sick the other night so we took her to the vet yesterday. No hope if nothing is done. Some hope with $500 in aggressive meds and IV. 4-5 days in the vet hospital. Why do we have to get so attached to our pets? I'm a 30 year old tinter, and I'm crying right now.

I'm not trying to start a "pity post" for me, I just needed to let it out. :thumb

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Guest blackglass

damn I still remember when I came home and found my dog Odie under the christmas tree dead, we knew he was about to go, but were never prepared for it. I feel your pain, and can only say time will heal this one, that was 6 yrs. ago, and I STILL get sad when I think about it, or see a christmas tree for that matter. :(

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Guest tintslut

I got a diabetic, blind , no bladder control :thumb having samoyed. Jesus,, the dog cant see, what the hell does it bark at????? :lol6

My cousin the VET, suggested I take the dog to VA tech and get some eye transplant for the pooch..... I told him the day the dog could read the eye chart

to me, that his idea would become reality. Lessssee now,, the dog is 13, which

makes her about 91 with the wind chill.... She walks into walls , cars, you name

it. When she has trouble gettin up and around, She takes the final ride to the


Sorry to hear about your pets,, but sometimes it best to let em go if they are really in pain .

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Maddie...my rottie, has kidney disease. She has been in renal failure twice! I can not tell you how much money we have spent on her! We love her soooooo very much, so I can understand! She has to eat Prescription Diet KD, which you can only buy at the Vet! She still gets sick every once in a while and has to spend the night at the vet! She is 7 yrs old! She is like my child! I do not know what I would do without her! I hate to even think about it.

So my sympathy goes out to you, whatever you decide to do wndotint!

TTC :thumb

By the way, that is her, with me in my pic!

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Guest TINTFXold

Maggie... (hmmmm, lil V., your scarin' me) my beagle is my sweety. Ive lost pets, I feel for ya bro. God love ya man. Be strong. Any man that cant have emotional feelings for an animal when it dies is a fkn sissy boy to begin with.

thats right challenge me someone on this one please. Ill chew your azz up. Pets are and should be kept like children. PERIOD end of story.

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