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Need help with tinting ASAP!

Guest Subzero

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Guest Subzero

Sorry to bother u guys.. but I recently purchased 1 roll of Gila 20% limo black tint and one roll of 35% tint for my 1998 grand am se... also got a lil kit with the razor etc..

I got it at pepboys.... ne ways

my question is... after reading through some of the posts on the message boards.. it seems that Gila = bad for tinting windows?

im a total newbie when it comes to car stuff and my friend is the one who helped me pick it out... what brand do u recommend? or should I stick with gila? (my car is red) or ne advice on installing it correctly?

if u could help me out.. id really appreciate it! thanks

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Guest thetintshop

get your money back on the crap you bought, and take it to an established tint facility. if you just have to do it yourself, go to a tint shop and buy some of thier film. it will be ALOT more than the crap you bought, but it's better film. but it really don't matter, cause good film does not equal a good tint job.

be sure and take pics when your done and post them here so we can all have a good laugh!!!

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Guest Subzero

ok soo thats the general concenscious... I should take it back??

cause me and my friend were gonna do together tommorow? what should I tell her? umm I talked with some people and they said that GILA = crappy brand and that I should get it done professionally.. rather then solo...

but another Question... if she says she has done it before no problems.. should I go ahead and do it? or will it mess up my windows like completly? god knows I dont want my damn window thingies fallin out when im at college... ugh

ty for the help so far[/b]

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Guest ChopShopCustomz

I t probably wont be worth the agony...I know what that stuff looks like shortly after applying and it will look bad, especially ig the job isnt quite up to par. For your sake I would take the gila back and save some more cashe up and have it done right ....Just my opinion 8)

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Go ahead and tint it yourself, you have nothing to lose, but maybe some scratched glass and broken defogger lines and a cruddy looking tint job, the Gila film is inexpenseive so it's a good film to practice with, but dont expect good results. Even if you had top of the line film, you will not be able to do an adequate job.

Just as professional golfers make it look easy...it's not.

If you are just wanting to practice, then yes Gila is fine, if you are just doing this as a one time thing to tint your car, for pete's sake, take it to a reputable shop.

Thinking you can tint your own car is on the same level as thinking you can paint your own car, which is very insulting to a professional tinter, thats why you got the replies you did.

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