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What goes with tinting

Guest 21st Century Tints

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Guest 21st Century Tints

Every year around this time the shop gets quite, by quite I mean 6/7 cars a week and maybe 1 flat glass job every 2 weeks.

I normaly do over double this.

What do you guys do as well as tinting?

I have tried the clear bras (Paint Shield) . Waste of time.

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Guest darkdan



Headlight restoration

Headlight protection

Roller shades

Oils salesman

....and a day job helps.

Increase your advertising and marketing. Offer some gift certificates. In your down time look for new ways to find more customers. Enjoy a little time off.

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Depends on your shop, graphics could be an idea since it doesnt require much in the lines of equipment. Most of the other services require an investment in tools. For example spray in liners requires a booth and its messy, tires an wheels require balancer/mounting equipment and its tough to run with the big dogs on that one. Detailing might be another avenue, again that one requires some tools such as a steam cleaner and good chemicals.

My vote is on graphics, little investment since you need few tools and the tint experience helps with installs.

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