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I would like to thank you Stan for our bold listing on your website! It is truly appreciated!

Kool! glade you like it. :lol6 You have had several hits since you were added. The new software is great........... if any TD people add thier shop let me know and I can put you at the top of the list!!!!!

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Hey Stan - all the vidos are about Johnson films...what happened there?


not sure Naughty???? might be differant settings, there is so much over my head about writting code for a website. I just make the videos and write stories then pay web people to make it happen. You should get a differant video for every story and a link to their website. Johnsons did have a awesome booth again this year.......... hmmmmm

Are you using windows media player? :lol6

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Thats cool :lol2 I just sent my request in :lol2 we need some reputable shops from this town on that page :lol the two that are on there are hack shops.

I was looking at the shops in my area :nope and they guy that is the REAL TINT_TERRORIST is first on the list :lol6 :lol6

I wonder if people that look at that add know the shop looks like this :nope :nope


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