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Looking for work in Maryland

Guest Eddo

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Ed and I currently live in Germany. I work as a Loan Officer at a bank and tint windows on the side. I have been tinting autos for the past two years. I will be moving back to Maryland in the early summer and would like get a job tinting full time. I could also work at a bank but I am a prior aircraft mechanic in the Air Force and like to work with my hands and be mobile. My tinting skills are good, but I know I can get better. I am a quick learner, dependable, flexible and want a job which gives me freedom and responsibility. I am quite capable of working offsite, installing, and doing estimates. I will soon have my BA in Business Administration and am familiar with the inner workings of small business. If I sound like the kind of person you would like on your team, then please send me a message.



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