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The IWFA is nothing but a puppet organization of the manufactures to make sure they can continue to sell film. THAT is the ONLY reason they are around. Don't be fooled into thinking they want to help you. look at their budget where the money comes from. :dunno:beer

harsh words? or the truth? it's up to you.


+1 :dunno

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The IWFA used to be focused on the installers, that is why they started in the first place. The manufactures do not concider this an organization for them, they are all active members in AMCAL. The IWFA does not rely on manufactures for thier buget moneys as in years past. The main supporters are the film distributors along with about 500 +/- dealers. The main reason that any dealer should be a member is the legal issues. Now, if the states decide to outlaw window film, the IWFA steps in with thier lobbiest and in most cases a sedellment is found. This keeps all of us in business and gives each of us some hope for a future. Look at what is happening in NY state, not to mention the new legal win in the state of GA.

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