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Getting tints during the winter time a good idea???

Guest Buk

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Hi, I am thinking about getting tints for my 03 G35 in the next week. However I live in Chicago and at night it reaches freezing temps. Will this adversely effect how the tint dries, or will it just take a lot longer to dry? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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How long have you had your car? How many miles on it? How well do you like it? What are the down falls of that car?

I know none of these have anything to do with your question, but I am thinking about buying one of those. I just need some input on it!

By the way winter is the best time to have your car tinted, for one reason. It is our slow season this time of year. It will give the tinter more time to spend on your car. So It can come out a little better!

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