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Software Reinstallation Advice

Guest EddieK

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I had to wipe out my hard drive and reinstall Lxi Master +

But when I bring it up, it doesn't recognize that my hardware key is installed...

HELP!! I cant do anything without this program!

Any advice?

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I have had this problem with our dongle for Onyx Production House. When we formatted, the software needed to be updated with a newer Hasp Key which was provided free of charge through Onyx. Give your software vendor a call and see if this is the case. Sometimes once a product has been activated you need a new key for re-installation. Hope this helps.

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Did the driver for the dongle install after you reformatted? A driver issue is usually what causes a program to malfuntion, even if it says it's installed and working. The driver is in the Sign warehouse knowledge base or if you know who made the dongle which is most likely Rainbow then you can find the driver online. Uninstall the driver if one is installed and reinstall the dongle and driver...which XP should do automatically but just in case find a back up driver.

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