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ready to tint in the AM

Guest JakeB

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I'm broke... need my front windows tinted to cope with bright lights at night and sun/snow glare (and want the privacy). My 98' Pathfinder has all the rear windows done in that relective crap from the factory. I know the front windows won't match, but don't care at this point. I want to do this before the winter. So, I bought some of the gray, 35% tinting film from the auto store (the same stuff is sold at Advanced Auto, Lappens, and Auto Zone).

I've read the instructions on this site and some posts and some watched some some short videos. I have the film cut to the size of the windows (with about 1/2 inch extra around). I have a good squeegee, a hard card, the soap/film product mixed in a sprayer, a lint-free cloth, and sharp cutting blades for trimming.

I'm prepared but nervous. java script:emoticon(':duck',%20'smid_22')

We have 55 degree sunny weather during the day here (for a few days).

I can't take the door frame off and I'm little confused about the order of doing the top and bottom. Questions:

-If I start with the window rolled down 1/2 inch, do the edge, when can I slide the window up to do the bottom (that was hidden under the rubber?)

-Won't this ruin the top edge when it goes into the top rubber?

-How much time do I have to slide/move the film once on?

-When is it safe to shave the edge?

Thanks for any help



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Hmm. I read all the posts. It does suck that GILA did this, for professionals. I didn't buy GILA though. I think the business should stay with professionals. If I had the money, I would def. go to one of the shops I have heard good things about around Boston.

But I have to do it myself - and it will probably show, but I hope at least some of you who read this will help out a consumer.


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I don't mind helping. It's just that I type really sloooowww. There are lots of videos and wordage on how to do those windows around here. good luck dude. I think everyone should try it on their own at least once.

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thanks - I read all the instructions again and the video posted. Looks easier than doing it. I tried it today, but ended up pulling it all off and will try again. I will do it IN my brother's garage next time. The slight breeze kept blowing the film just a to bump into my shirt or parts of the car door that had some dirt.

The hardest part was being confident that I had every tiny piece of lint/dirt off the glass, even after washing a few times and using a lint free cloth.

It was a good practice run but since trying it I've been obsessing about how to scrape enough money of my tiny savings account to take it to tinting expert on Monday.

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