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Refund reasonable?

Guest pvc

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Apologies for the long post:

Tinted my brand new 4dsd car 6 mos. ago, global g-lux, 30% all around.

Approx. 1 month later, noticed two rear window guards along the bottom were slit along the sides, about 6 inches. Not knowing anything about tinting (I.e., razor usage on outside of window), I blamed the dealer and requested new guards at next visit to dealership (Sept.).

In Oct., noticed that two rear windows had white spots on the inside of the windows, one was spreading/ tearing. Dots were tiny, but more noticeable the more I looked. The driver's front also had some small spots. Went back to the tinter ("lifetime warranty on global"), after 2 runarounds ("closing", and "tinter called in sick") finally got them to replace, albeit with an attitude. Owner stated he "didn't know if he had enough tint for the front". 40 min.s later, tinter called me to car and demonstrated that the contamination on my rear windows (new) would just have to stay. He showed me how, when you spray the window, then wipe it down (with his white towel), parts of the towel remain on the window, never to be removed. "These spots I can do nothing about". He pointed out one spot, approx. 2mm's wide. Oh yeah, I also realized later that they never redid the front window.

Needless to say, it took me an hour to clean up his mess inside of my car, the tint pieces and water streaks all along the inside of my doors. :thumb

Last week I went to the dealership to get my window guards replaced, and the service man (who used to be a tinter) pointed out to me that, in fact, those slits were caused by the tinter. They will still replace my window guards, but now we noticed there is a small, vertical one on the pass./ front window. The "new" tint is still horribly bubbled, throughout the window and especially along the top of one window. I live in a warm climate, and it has been 9 days. Additionally, the contamination spots have spread, they are sprinkled along the window, the biggest cluster is probably about 2 - 3 inches wide. Also, the rear pass. window has a gap along the triangle window.

Anyway, I went back to the tinter today. He, of course denied all responsibility. Stated the owner was out of town and would call me. Stated that "the dust in the air makes those spots", then asked for my car key to show me why there was a gap in the rear/ triangle window (I didn't give it to him). He denied that they could have been responsible for the cut guards.

Now that they have mangled my car, I don't want them to reattempt any further fixing. It will cost me twice this to have someone else fix their mistakes. I just want a refund, however, it is not sounding very promising.

Any suggestions? Is this refund request justified?

Thank you!

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

Hi pvc,

where do you live?

I just had a car similar on Saturday that someone else had done, if it is bad as you say I don't blame you wanting to get your money back and not let them touch your car again, if they are a legitimate run business, should not be that big of a hassle, but if the owner was like that before hand that might be something you will have to eat and learn from, as far as where you are located, that would help out alot as far as who to direct you to on here lots of good tinters across the globe on here.

Sorry you had a bad experiance with some hacks makes the rest of us look bad as well.

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Guest MidcoastMW

It was done by a hack. Unfourtunatly these lousy tinters and businessmen give the industry a bad name.

As soon as you mentioned cleaning up tint peices and streaks inside the car, and the tinter wiping the window with a towel and pointing fibers.,..... it all makes sence.

Im terribly sorry to hear about this and I only hope you get 100% back and find a reputable shop!!

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Guest outkast tinter

pvc, my cell direct is 760-802-5555, I can handle this problem professionally for you :thumb

Evidently AT&T has chosen to shut my phones off today, rather than honor my cancellation request back in Feb to stop my ads. I'll be dealing with them and my atty in the morning.

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