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Ceiling Fans

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I would say it will depend on your "ceiling" and how clean it is in the first place. If you have drywall or such and you keep it clean I am sure you will be fine. I would not run in on a very high setting.

I use a box fan on top of a 6.5 foot tall cabinet to push the air towards me in one shop. The shop is not extremely clean by any means, but I have not had any issues with it......

If you are moving clean air then you should not have any issues with contamination.

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Guest Tintbds
I'd like to put a ceiling fan in to help with heat distribution in the garge this winter. What are odds I can use one without stirring up dust too?

Try It! If it works pat yourself on the back :eyebrows

If it don't work well it the fan out and redo the contaminated tint jobs.


It's good or bad. Just see if it works for you.

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