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Your prayers please...

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

I have posted before regarding my baby son who had a hospital admission some time ago.- but yesterday was hell and more...

He started with a cough/weezing sunday and we took him to hospital at 11pm, they said he was not bad enough for admission and sent us home!

On Tuesday morning he was having breathing difficulty - after a series of events his left lung had collapsed and they had to give him life saving emergency intubation. They manged to sedate/stabilise him and he was transferred to a high dependancy unit about 30 mins away, my wife and I have been through the mill with this little fella and I have been willing him to fight and he seems to be making some progress and is now off the critical list.

I'm all cried out but just wanted to share the burden with you guys. Hell I spend more time here than I do with most of my family.

Here is a quick piccie of baby Clayton





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I hate to hear of Clayton?s illness. Keep notes of what is done with him at the hospital and how he seems to feel after treatments. Be his advocate and research any condition you can on the net. My family?s prayers are with him and your family.


I have two kids that are cancer survivors????

Be Bold and Be Strong in your faith.

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