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Apply with a blowdryer

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Stay Warm At Home This Winter


Jeanette Pavini


(CBS 5) Don't let the cold sneak inside your house. There are some simple things you can do right now to stay warmer at home all winter long.

Shut 'em. Keep drapes, shutters, and your chimney flue closed.

Weather stripping. It goes around your window and your door in order to seal it up. Or, roll up a towel and put it at the bottom of a closed door.

Window film. A piece of plastic you use to cover the entire window. Apply with a blowdryer. You can't open your window, but it seals the cold air out.

Foam. Expanding foam can seal up little holes throughout your house. You can spray the foam in and it expands to fill the hole.

Heaters. Be sure to change your furnace filter and if you need a space heater, think radiator heaters, which are usually oil-filled and efficient.

Also, keep your thermostat at 68 degrees. Every degree you raise it your bill goes up 3 percent.

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if this is a serious post.......

the film she is talking about is an insluation kit. Film is applied to the window frame trim with double sided tape and when up you use a hair dryer to make it nice and tight. I did some back in the day and I used my heat gun, but I knew how to use a heat gun........

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Guest vclimber

We had that same thing on the news here tonight. They specifically said "Window tint will not keep the heat in your house." Then they yanked out the hairdryer and the clear plastic. I think I might send an e-mail to the reporter. :thumb

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