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Solar Gard - HP Titanium - looks???

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I have previously used Solar Gard HP Quantum film and like the way it went on, shrank etc.

The only thing that I dont like is the appearance of the film when looking at it from outside the car. It just doesn't have the "rich, deep, classy" look that I see on some high $$$ cars driving around.

Therefore, I was thinking about trying the HP Titanium film. Has anyone used this one before? How does it look when installed.


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Guest haroldshouseoftint

not sure, I know some of the mercedes I've seen here in the states already have a blue hue to the glass, and no matter what tint you put on it it still keeps that blueish "classy" look to the glass mabye thats what you saw? :twocents


ps drei series is the non ceramic huper

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Guest outkast tinter

I've been using HP Titanium since 92, and haven't had an issue with it turning purple. I prefer the look, and it doesn't interfere with radio reception. Just my taste.

side view



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