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Squeegee preparation

Guest Shady

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To avoid ever scratching the film when using any hard card, I keep a piece of wet n' dry handy to keep my squeegee edge smooth. After every stroke of the squeegee across the film I wipe the edge with a cloth and never ever get any scratches in the film.

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Guest jason11286
teflon cards and lil chizlers are easy to buff the edge on using just your denim pant leg. Just rub the edge hard a few times.....

:dunno or if you dont have denim on, use the side of a cardboard box

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I think its important for noobie tinters to make sure the squeegee is wiped clean after every swipe across the film. any dirt stuck to a squeegee from behing gasket etc can easily scratch the film. Maybe, just maybe, I have saved someone from a re-tint! :lol2

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Guest thatsnappyguy

that other day I bladed a window, installed the film, made my first pass, and tore compleytly through it.

when I set the blade on the door panel's arm rest, I didnt notice but I put the sqeegee on top of it. it stuck to the squeegee and as I passed it on the film, it sliced right through.

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