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New shape Civic

Guest 21st Century Tints

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Guest 21st Century Tints

Have to tint a new shape Honda civic 56 plate on Monday for dealership.

It not only has a rear screen( which looks easy) but it has a lower rear plastic vison panel, there seems no possible way of tinting this as there is no way in and its ridged on the inside

Is there anything else that can be done?. Its gonna look silly with a clear panel at the bottom.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

Tape it off and spray paint it lol. It will be black to match. I did that with a old mx3 they have some like that or what ur describing. And it was like a dot matrix but clear glass and it was sep. from the back glass but only like 3 inchs. lower than it. Ummmm I really dont know of anything else without seeing a pic.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
Just leave it - it is not tintable.

are all european cars different than in the u.s.?

I haven't seen that on any new hondas at all, but since you responded and seemed to know what c.t. was talking about I am assuming hes over there as well? :dunno

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