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French Panes - pricing suggestions?

Guest cherasia

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Guest cherasia

I"ve been getting contracts on a lot of windows with French panes lately, vintage homes, old wood frames, time consuming to clean frames and straighten out putty/silicon... They all are going for clear just for the UV protection... little or no chance of thermal fracture. Anyway, French Panes are a heckuva lot more labor intensive than regular windows. I'm thinking about jacking the price between .50 and 1.00 psf to do the things.

Whatcha think?

Any and all questions/comments/suggestions are welcome. Well, within reason. *GRIN*


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I hate doing those frames, so I generally charge any where from 1.5 to 2.5 per sq' on top of what the total job is, or if Im close to a good number, I just round up. It also depends on how the customer seems to be during the estimate. If your gut says they may be a problem, charge more, because you know how much of a challenge it can be to do a clean install, so try to add a cushion for any returns trips you may need. :dunno

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I think the consumer should know that them ragged azz windows are at least $10 each!!!!And that is for the 8"x11"! :lol2

Yes, but then they should also know that they should be priced higher for anything bigger than an 8" x11"and higher for anything that's not a square or rectangle and higher for anything not reached from floor level and higher for anything other than a "standard" film and higher if the frames are in bad shape.

How specific should we get here? :linedrink

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