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door glasses

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I was wondering how others do the door prep, glass cleaning, and tint

The way I do them:

1: Tape off felt on sides or pull seals if possible

2: Pull bottom seal if possible

3: Remove stickers and scrape off old tint adhesive, if any

4: Spray and scrub inside glass with blue scotchbrite pad

5: Squeege the glass clean

6: Spray and scrub outside glass

7: Squeege outside

8: Spray outside glass

9: Measure, cut, and place film on glass

10: Mark and cut film

11: Spray inside glass

12: Squeege inside glass

13: Spray inside glass again

14: Spray film, peel liner, spray adhesive

15: Apply film.

I wonder if I should cut out 4 and 5 and simply scrub the glass with step 12 instead. I have done it the above way since I started and used the extra scrub and squeege to help me find any small contamination that I might have missed with the initial scrubbing. I have got my scrubbing perfected and feel that I could skip the extra......

Just wanted other opinions and techinques.

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Guest Sprinter

I don't see any reason to scrub the outside of the glass unless theres bird poop on it,

after taping I just use a wet to damp micro fiber towel to wipe up the glass inside the felt area's and the top of the inside of the door and then the outside of the glass.

then cut my film, heat it shape it, then get ready to install it, by cleaning the glass like you say in #3,4 5 spray only 6 inches on the sides and on the bottom then spray tint and install.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

Yeah I say Pre cut your film and everything Cause there could be airborne particles or cont. and the time you close the door and open if so, or just bein open explosed to that is pretty risky to a piece of hair. or anything. I say that its perfect just clean and prep after cutting. Try it and see if it helps any more on cont. But thats just me. EVerthing sounds good kinda what I do just after cutting film. :gasp

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