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Decorative Residential Film

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WE bought our house 3 years ago, and have an arched window above the bedroom window.

On the prepurchase inspection, it was mentioned that the seal was weak.

This window faces West, so to cut down on the sunlight and heat, I bought some of the Home Depot or Lowes peel and stick (but need to use solution to apply it) film that has clouds on it. (didn't know any better at the time)

It has worked great, reducing sun glare and keeping heat out.

But, it is non reflective, which I suspect finished off the seal.

I am about to get the window replaced and would like to know the safest decorative film to use and where to find it.

I would like to get film with coluds oni t, (looks awesome during a storm with lots of lightning)

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

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not neccesaraly(spell check im not awake yet) but it all depends on the amount of absorbtion the film has. you want to stay below 50% for sure but some only go as far as 45% but in any case a frosted film or decorative film shouldnt have that much absorbtion unless it is blackout or something very dark. as far as where to get the film with the clouds on it I am not sure. There is a company called solux (spell check again) that carries a wide variety of decorative films.

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Guest vclimber
It was built in '87, yes, all the windows need to be replaced, but this stuff from Home Depot or Lowes fades badly after about 14 months.

Not being reflective will hurt the seals on the new windows ?

I'd be willing to bet that your window seals have reached or are very near the end of thier life span. Pepare for more failure no matter what. :dunno

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Guest Key West
:krazy For vclimber too! :krazy:krazy

I have been assured by CPFilms that thier NRM PS-2 (Frost) in both the white and Bronze are safe for dual-pane I/G glass!!! I'd bet those seals failed all on thier own, with many more to follow ( Glad I could cheer ya up!!! It's what I do!!) :lol2

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