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SunTek HP Charcoal or Global Window Films HP Charcoal?

Guest C280

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I use both (global supposedly rebranded in UK and sold via Anglian Technical Window Films)

Suntek better for shrinking, imo, looks wise I think when you tint a car 35 / 20 the global is a better match between the 2, Suntek does'nt match as well, again imo.


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Guest darkdan

Global does have a 40%, which is about a 38%....38% is what most 35% films actually are.

All the suntek stuff I got when I used them was green. The carbon was green. The HP was green too.

I prefer the global qdp shrinkability.


Global QDP 30%


QDP 40%


G6 is done with QDP 40%

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If you try global get the qdp instead of the hp. It looks better and a little easier to work with. qdp 40 reads 29% on the glass, just metered it the other day so im tintin darker than legal as it has to net 32 :lol6 . I do think suntek shrinks better though, but I may just not be adjusted to the global shrink yet.

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Is the qdp a non reflective film ?

I find the non reflective films too thin, most are single ply and just :dunno to handle imo.

I agree the suntek is quite green in appearance. I tried the madico onyx yesterday (as recommended by naughty) found it shrank very similar to suntek, but looks more blue/grey in appearance, getting a sample of thier charcoal deep dyed to try, colour wise looks similar to suntek and its a bit more expensive.


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