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RIP Mooch!

Guest Key West

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Guest Key West

Last night, our little dog Mooch played Houdini again and got out of the fence. This time, she ain't coming back. :thumb She was hit by a speeding car. I saw it happen. I tried to get to her, waving my arms and trying to stop traffic, almost getting myself run over in the process. At least she was gone by the time I got to her. Damned sheriffs dept won't do anything, either!!! This whole neighborhood has complained about people speeding down our road. We even told them they can sit in our garage and run radar. I guess that would require effort, or it may have something to do with the fact that we dont sell coffee and doughnuts!!! :dunno My sister in law lost her dog the same way last month.

Fortunately, there are no young children on our street, Or we'd be mourning a greater loss than a family pet.

PLEASE obey the speed limits in residential areas. Even when there are no kids out. the loss of a pet rivals that of a family member!!! :beer


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