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One of my long time customers killed

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This guy and his brother and dad have been coming to me since the y move to texas 19-20 years ago I was sad to see this on the news last night.

Humble robber kills witness chasing him


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A Porter resident trying to help police track a gas station robber was fatally shot by the fleeing hold-up man while a 911 emergency operator listened helplessly, police said.

Investigators today were calling Steven Jackson, 47, a "good samaritan'' who risked his life tracking the fleeing robber and reporting the hold-up man's moves to police by cellular telephone.

Jackson was found dead in his car in the 21000 block of U.S. 59 after chasing the armed robber from a Shell station at 1003 FM 1960, police said.

The gunman apparently realized he was being followed and stopped so suddenly that Jackson's vehicle crashed into the robber's. The robber then got out of his car and shot Jackson, police said.

Jackson, a volunteer firefighter for both the Porter and Kingwood departments, leaves a wife and two children. He was a technical sales representative for a family-owned oil equipment company.

According to Humble police, an armed man robbed the Shell gas station shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday and fled in a white car.

Jackson may have been pumping gas at the station when he witnessed the crime, Humble police investigator Duke Caruthers said.

The Shell store manager said corporate policy barred him from giving his name. But he said the robber first parked across the street, where he appeared to be watching the store.

The man entered the story, brandished a pistol covered by a paper sack and forced the clerk on duty first to a floor and then into a back room.

The man stole several hundred dollars, police said.

After the robber left the store, the clerk ran outside yelling that she'd been robbed, the manager said.

Security cameras are installed in the store but the video equipment that records activity was out of order, police said.

The robber wore no mask, the manager said, adding that the store has been robbed several times in the past.

Humble police Lt. Quentin Sammon said Jackson was found dead in his car about a half-mile from the store and appeared to have been shot at close range.

Before he died, Jackson told a Harris County 911 dispatcher that he'd been shot, Sammon said.

Police said the best advice for those who see a crime happen is to watch from a safe distance and then call police.

"The best thing to do is just be a good witness and observer," said Fort Bend County Chief Deputy Craig Brady.

Brady said information such as license plate numbers and suspect descriptions should be conveyed to police dispatchers or officers on the scene.

"Actually getting involved or trying to apprehend is not a good idea," he said.

Brady said police have the training, experience and equipment needed to deal with criminal suspects.

" Typically, the suspect is armed and more than likely citizen is not," he said.

However, Brady said in some rare instances, a person might try to assist in a crime situation.

"If you see somebody being raped or murdered and you have the ability to intervene in that they may be a little different," he said.

Brady said police dispatchers are also trained to get information from witnesses and then advise the witnesses to let police handle the situation.

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doing the right thing and doing the dumb thing are completely different. He should have used better judgement,now his family has to suffer his stupid mistake

I hate to say it, but it was dumb. If it was a life or death situation, then he would have been a hero, but chasing a guy for a few hundred bucks was foolish.

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