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carpal tunnel exercises

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I just figured I would post this, since I just mentioned it in another thread.

We all either have or will have carpal tunnel from tinting. Here is a good exercise you can do, to help releive it.

First take your hands and swing them forward a few times in a circular motion. Then do the same thing backwards. This is losening your wrist mucles! Then take your hands, and put them together like you where praying, in front of your chest. Then push down with your wrists. ( I know it doesnt sound like it makes sence, but when you do it. You will understand what I am saying.) Hold them down for about ten seconds, then release them, and do the circular motion again, front and back. Then put your hands in the praying position again, but upside down this time. By upside down I mean the inside of your wrist facing your chin. Then pull your wrist's up to your chin, and hold for about ten seconds. Then release and do the circular motion again.

If you do that on a regular basis your carpal tunnel will feel much better in no time!

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