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little bubbles on defrost lines

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what is causing me to get those little air bubbles on defroster lines and their hard to squeegie out, they just keep coming back. I always do the mdog soap shrink and make the film completly flat when I prep it on the outside, is it over shrink or what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

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Guest VaTinterPMan

On some cars or alot there is going to be a line of air all the way across if you look that close at it. its just the the dot matrix's where it is ridged up and some air gets trapped but what you are describing its not that. It sounds like some cont. in there with it.

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Guest Tintbds

Some back glass have high defroster, while most others are rather flat.

Secondly, some back glass defroster line develope a fungi build-up on them just be sure to clean well.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

I think you are talking about getting spikes off the defrost lines :krazy if you are, like Tintbds said it is the defrost lines are fat on some spots on back glass makes the film lay unevenly thus it makes a spike pop off the defrost line, best way to avoid that from happening is to clean the back glass with steelwool or 1000 - 1200 grit wet sand paper on the lines :krazy

I used to work for a Nissan dealer and had problems in the winter with spikes on Altimas, and that solved the problem

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