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Thought I've seen it all......

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Well.. I got to the apt. I was tinting windows at this morning... Small apt over in Philly. Living room.. bed room, and den. I'm in the living room tinting.. the owner was watching me do the first couple windows.. no biggie... he then goes into the den, which is two rooms away. He turns on his TV.. and I hear what he's watching.. and I'm thinking.. na, can't be.

So I move into the bedroom, which was the middle room. Now I'm positive what he's watching....

I finish up in there - it was small only two windows. I dread going into the last room. I go in and he has P**n going. He's like - Do you mind if I watch my skin flicks?

I just said whatever... and I very quickly finished the last two windows and got the heck out of there.

First, I have no problem if someone wants to watch P**n. To each their own.

But, this guy was in his 50's or 60's.... and it was 10 freaking AM and he's watching P**n. With someone doing work in his apt. Come on...

Very very icky....

Of course, could it be a milf?? No... had to be some old guy watching P**n.

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