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standard films

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We never have carried the standard film. What's the price difference on a roll $30 usually at the most. Not worth the headache to save $30 on a roll plus when customers film turns to crap they go find someone else for their next car. That's why we are the car tint authority in our town, never loose any customers but pick up customers from the other 2 shops in town weekly.

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Guest Tintbds
is there still alot of shops out there using the standard dyed series of film, for example suntek standard series, or global quick dry, or sun guard euro tint? if so what kinda of warranty do you offer on this stuff. 3 years, or as long as customer owns car?

Sometimes you will be lucky to get it on. :gasp

Me no use.

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Guest Soultinter

it depends on where you live/work, I live in upstate NY, no problem w decent quality dyed film ( no cheapo dyed films). I use solarguard NR along w advantage hi performance.

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