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Steel-wool horror

Guest Tintbds

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Guest Tintbds

I had a bad experience with Steel wool 12 year ago. :hmmm:lol2

I used to go to dealer then.

Had 2-starlet toyota. So I clean all the window of one tint the front visor and back glass place it in the sun out side.

Went to do the same with the other starlet, after took that outside brought the ist back in to tint side windows. So did both cars anf leave other jobs elsewhere.

In 2-day dealer with starlets called. :dunno:lol

When I got there the 1st starlet had some tiny brown hair-like objects in the side windows not the back glass nor front visor only side windows. the 2nd starlet was perfect.

So I was :lol:lol2:hmmm:lol:spit

What was going on here I clean these windows, never saw such before what was it? Why only the side windows. :lol2

By then I was getting gray-hair in my head.

So I started asked around I dealers work shop If anyone trouble the starlet while I place it out side? :lol2

And quest what? The workshop manager told the valet guy to start cleaning the starlet outside. So he used steelwool to clean side windows.

I was not aware of such so when I tinted the window I had already cleaned. Some steelwool fiber was trapped and in two days begin to rust making them appear like ( tiny brown hair-like objects in the side windows) :lol2

From that time till now no steelwool for me.

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#0000 steel wool back glass only, right before tinting the window. Used to use a white scrubber but broke defroster lines once cause of a bit of dirt on it and now only new clean #0000. You got to hate it when rust is under the film though ............. :beer ..................... those cars don?t look that bad! :beer

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