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If this ain't hell.......

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Well it has to be close to it.

Bushfires 100 miles away are burning on a 60 mile front and the air is like pea soup around my home.

Your "Elvis" water bomber is here too.

They reckon that this weekend may create the biggest fire yet ever seen. :dunno

I've got kin 150 mile away that are getting ash on there cars.

With temps expected in the high 40C's tomorrow and big hot dry north winds, there will be nothing left until it hits the coast and the Pacific stops it the fire authorities say tongue in cheek.

My pool is sitting on 30C :lol too.

Please send over some rain, snow any bloody thing.




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The smoke is so thick this morning that you can see the sun as an orange and even pick out the sunspot on the surface of the star. :thumb

It's eerie this glow.

We've lost a big chalet in the high country and the historic "Man from Snowy River" movie set cattlemen's hut has been destroyed.

Fortunately no loss of life but poor old Tasmania (home of the devil) has been copping it bad.

18 homes were lost there last night. :dunno

We're all protected here in the city but they are now trying to stop the fire getting into our water catchment dam area so the ash and runoff (when it does eventually rain) doesn't contaminate the water supply.


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