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If I were to put Llumar ATR 35 on an EAST window were the temp doesn't get higher than 32 on average in the summer (ONT CANADA) would this be a bad thing? DUAL PANE GAS not LOW E...

I know no Auto on Flat but its 35% plus an east Window on my own house with a BIG A-SS TREE shading it.. Its a small upstairs bedroom window..... 3' x 4' and a slider under that. The slider is single pane so I know that will be fine even if it was facing SOUTH..

The sun is low in the winter and even with blinds its too bright in the bedroom on the weekends when I like to sleep in. Its bright because there is no leaves on the tree.. BIG A-SS MAPLE TREE.....

I Def will put the correct tint on the rest of the house, but I have ATR and feel like doing it now.. lol.... I'm sure some of you can understand... lol

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but east facing will get the sun in the morning. When it gets really cold and then in the morning the sun hits it and it starts heating up it could cause a break.

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I don't think he's to worried about a warranty since it's on his own house, but it's still better to use the residential film..

In my personal opinion I don't think it will hurt to put ATR on this 1 window :beer

You don't have the same clarity w/ car film as w/ residential but you probably won't have to worry about breakage w/ 35% :beer

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Guest darkdan

East facing windows have a big temperature swing.

They heat up quickly because the sun hits them and they cool down quickly once the sun gets past it.

Plus, that tree giving it partial shading isn't going to help.

I'd be willing to bet that the ATR CH 35 is borderline on the safety factor.

IMO, just have one of us send you some flat glass film. Just pick a brand and ask. We've all got you covered.

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