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No trash bags pt 2

Guest darkdan

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Guest darkdan

On small flat glass jobs and when I do mobile work I always leave my trash on site.

But I am nice enough to not let it take up the whole trashcan.


I bunch it up and wrap it with masking tape. That's the scrap and liners from about 75 square feet.

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Guest darkdan

blade eater.

I used to use the little circle one that olfa sells, but my brother recently sent me the blade eater holster/snapper.

It's wonderful. Super fast, no mess, no getting off the ladder, one handed blade snaps.

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Guest vclimber

It comes out looking purtier if you take your largest piece of liner and throw all the scraps on top. I dump my blades out of my apron last and roll carefully. Some of those trash balls can get pretty big. We rolled 400 sqft worth of liner and stuff once. :beer

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Guest darkdan

Oh yeah, if it were a large job, I'd bring trash bags.

But I get stuck doing 3 to 5 windows usually.

I carry all my water bottles/towels in a 5 gallon bucket, sometimes I shove the waste in there.

They do have collapsible contractor trash cans too. They accordion down do practically nothing, but undo the strap and it's like 3.5' tall.

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YOU cheap bass turds. Get some fricken garbage bags


I'v done it it works..I like the tape idea....I'v wrapped my trash in tint befor and has come undone, because it was wet.... :beer

Then I gotta wrap it all back up and sounds like I'm opening candy..... :thumb

nice tip :beer

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