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Tint-Off The Killer Remover

Guest darkdan

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Guest darkdan

Yeah, it does a nice job.

But I found out why they call it killer. I'm redoing my crown vic today. Global doesn't like to come off, so I bagged even the side windows with Tint-Off The Killer Remover.

Not only does it remove tint adhesive rather nicely, but it also removes the adhesive that holds the felt on the side gaskets.

So I was squeeging the window clean and all the felt came off. =(

I've also found that it stains leather interiors.

I think I'm going to go back to just ammonia.

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Guest darkdan

I got the stuff from 44tools. It was an impulse buy.

Global just hangs on though.

I tried my jiffy. It was still leaving a lot of glue behind. So I bagged the side windows for a while. Then I steamed them, still leaving it behind. Then I threw my lights on the rest to heat them up, hit it with the steamer....left about 20% of the glue behind.

No worries about adhesive failure there!

After the film is removed the Killer Stripper does a decent job of softening it up. It turns it yellow. Unlike other chemical strippers it says non-toxic and instead of turning the glue into a gross goo it just makes it soft.

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