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advantage films.

what a bunch of bullshiat this film and company is. ive had nothing but bad experience with these people. it shrinks, but when installing the shiat wont stick, you have to keep carding it, heating it, heating it, heating again on to lay down. it starts create lil bubbles on the defroster as if it was a lexus defroster lines.

I give this film thumbs down :dunno:thumb

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Guest darkdan

I found while I was shrinking it on the outside I'd get a finger or two that no matter how much heat I put onto it, it wouldn't go away.

I also had a bunch of places that didn't want to stick on the inside.

I prefer a more aggressive adhesive.

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Hey tint, are you using a dirt off type prep? It does help quite a bit. I have noticed that the adhesive is a little softer than some films, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing here, so, heating it up really hot will blister it.

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