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Ground hog day

Guest filmdit

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Guest filmdit

So metint gets another chance as filmdit.

My experience dates back to 1980 doing autos, then graphics, then residential, then commercial, some safety, from a one window job to a 21 story high rise on the Gulf Coast.

Owned three tint shops at one point, sold two, then the last and went to work as a sales rep for a brand name film in 1996. Went into training in 1998 and still do it today. I also do tinting on a limited basis in and around the hometown with an effort through being extremely selective so as to not deprive any local tint shop.

Been here before, left, came back, left, came back, etc. and somewhere along the line got big-headed and was asked to leave.

Try, try again goes the saying. When you fall, you get back up and strive harder.

Cheers, Dave :dunno

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