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Working Vacation

Guest cherasia

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No..but often thought about it , then I came to the conclusion I'm better off working a bit of overtime at my own shop making my full amount, banking it rather than working in an unfamiliar city for a fraction of the $$.

Then I can use the vacation time for 100% vacation time :hmmm

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I've never worked in another tint shop on vacation, but I've certainly took one of my vacation days & tinted a house or a condo at the beach for the owners who live in my town.

I usually have a place to stay already but the job pays for your whole vacation & you only had to work one day :hmmm

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

I don't take too many vacations, but I go to sema every year and take a couple of days and tint up there, got some friends I grew up with that live in Henderson so they set up alot of appts for me and it pays for a week long blast in Vegas baby :hmmm:DD:DD

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