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License Plate -- Ever put tint on one?

Guest cherasia

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Guest 21st Century Tints

Tried it with load of differant types of film, even tried out tests on this photo blocker spray.

Spent a lot of money and had no positive results.

Only 1 way to avoid the camera and thats dont upset it :hmmm

even got our hands on the roadside camera( dont ask how)

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
No license plate covers of any type are legal in Texas.

OK let me ammend that statement legal in AZ that much I know, because they had a deal on the news about some cameras they put on the freeway here and interviewed a police (DPS) officer and the guy who came up with these plates DPS officer said there is nothing they can do about those plates they are legal, the guy who came up with them I swear (but I drink alot too :DD ) said they were legal everywhere in the U.S. :DD my bad if I was wrong :hmmm

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