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Guest bigboi

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What % are the police cars? I heard some undercovers have 5%. I have also heard of some people doing double 5%. at the time I didnt know what that means but now that I do it seems a little extreme. for those who have been in a car like that what is visibility like? I am sure it sucks.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
next time you see a cop with dark tint ...go ask him....what the hell.....why cant I have that.. :dunno

see what he says.... :dunno


:dunno because you are not above the law.................. thats why :dunno:lol2

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Guest Key West

:thumb:sand That shiot just chaps my ass! Used to be there was no LEO exemption in the law, But now more states are writing in an exemption for law enforcement. Do LEO's have better eyesight than the rest of us? Are they inherently better drivers than the rest of us? :sand:lol

AND, consider the fact that LEO's are considered on duty for all intents 24/7. Does that mean that thier personal vehicles can be exempted? I understand that when they drive a witness by a crime scene to point out perps, they need to shield that persons identity for fear of reprisal, but if it's OK for Law Enforcement, then we all should be able to have any film we choose. I don't know anyone in thier right mind who would drive something they cannot see out of. By what measuring stick do they determine what we can or cannot see out of? What about the distorted, bubbled up, purple crap I see every day that is PLAINLY impossible to see out of? THAT is what they should be writing tickets for!! :wall

It all boils down to the erosion of our constitutional rights. There is not one article of the constitution that says LEO's enjoy rights or priveleges that would negate our rights guaranteed by the constitution.

When one enlists in the army, it is a given that at some point (especially these days) one will be in a combat zone, and potentially be killed in the line of duty. The same with police. It's an occupational hazard. I hate to get cut, but I am a Tinter and play with razorblades. I realize this and accept it. I do not believe for one minute that the current tint laws protect LEO's to any greater degree. Whats next?

I know! You cannot have curtains, and must have a glass entryway to your home. The police MUST be able to see when they attempt entry!! :thumb

The fact is that a very small segment of society is so violent that they are prone to gunfire. These tint laws are unconstitutional, benefit no one (except the states that collect revenues fro the citations!!) Where are the statistics that back up the nescessity for these laws? More police are killed each year from vehicle accidents, than are shot from a vehicle. Do we outlaw cars?

Sorry for the rant, this subject seems to surface every so often. I hear alot of sheeple bitching about the laws, but ask yourselves, do you write your congressman? Senators?, Do you even vote? If you answer no to one of these questions, SHUT THE F@*K UP!!! You have no right to complain. You let them take your rights without a fight! :thumb

I remember when I was early on in elementary school learning about "Officer Friendly", who wore a policemans uniform. and was there to serve and protect us. Nowadays, the cops are indistinguisheable from the military. In fact, they are an armed force within our borders. SWAT is probably better trainedin urban warfare than the front line soldiers in Iraq (Whatever happened to the Posse Comitatus act?)

Anyway thats just my opinion,.... I Could be wrong!! :dunno:stop

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For you tint installers do you tint vehivcles 5% on the front two rolldowns? I have checked about three tint shops within a 15 mile radious of where I live and they dont have a problem with it. One even offered to do double 5% (I was trying to push them to there limit-didnt seem to have one :dunno ) But on this website it seems alot of you guys wont even go there with customers. And yes they do give recipt and warranty etc. I guess around here it just isnt a big deal. :thumb (seattle area)

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