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new tint supplier needed

Guest fimmo

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after using johnsons for a year then switching to suntek im now looking for yet another supplier.

the suntek supplier I use has,up til now fulfilled all my needs eg pricing,delivery,stock etc but after trying to order a full roll of 5% std charcoal today and being told they have none in stock and cant guarantee the next delivery ive decided to look elsewhere.

thats 4 times in the last 3-4 months they havent had what I need and were not talking about rare tint the other 3 times its been std 20% charcoal.

I cant run my business worrying that my supplier doesnt have what I need when I need it and im not going to start stocking up just in case.

so im looking for a supplier that has good stocks,good prices offers film in various widths I.e not just 60" and delivers on time,no excuses.

as for the tint they supply,it has to be shrinkable (obviously) good adhesion and good protection against fading.

ive been aproached by anglian films in norwich,anybody heard about them? they offer sun control tint,dont know if thats there own brand or what??? they have the exact range I need I.e %=70,50,35,20 and 5 they also guarantee next day delivery and have a good stock of every percentage of tint in various widths from 20" to 60" so sounds good but I want to keep my options open just now........

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Guest Diamond Tints

Man the amount of bad things im hearing just now about v,logistics isn't very good.

Last I heard it was a 2 week wait for film jeez man thats serious bad news :)

Anglian is meant to be Ok but don't expect it to shrink any where as good as suntek

I use sun-gard, again not the best for shrinking but one of the best if not the best company I have ever dealt with and I have dealt with the majority of them :)

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Guest naughtydog

I normally use LLu ATR but have addded the Madico Onyx line now - great film , looks nice and great adhesive. I have shrank a clio with it no problem.

Do you normally only use suntek std dyed film? If so I think you would have to up your spend for better film and a more reliable company.

Dartz have some new thicker films and I have shrank some harder than average windows with it - looks good when installed.Give Shady a nudge for that.

The Madico is distributed by Stock Films 0208 441 0449 - speak with Tim and tell him I sent you.(nick, car-stuff)


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In the same position as yourself, fed up getting let down by V L. try the madico onyx as suggested by nik. Handles very similar to the suntek hp, it is different in colour, more of a true grey appearance but looks nice.

Have tried the madico charcool but not too keen on it, harder to shrink and curls when you remove the liner.

Tim (02084410449) will forward a good sized sample for you to try.

I am going to ask for a sample of his standard charcoal, will let you know how I find it.


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Meant to say, I also use the hp film from anglian, its good value, looks good but its not as good to shrink on awkward rear screens, imo.

Phone Anglian (01603420574) and ask for Ken Amos, he will send a sample if you ask.

Remember to let him know you got his name and number from Bob @ Prestige in Glasgow

Bob :beer

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