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I just wanted to remind all of you that this is the season when FIRES happen all the time due to little things that can be avoided. Take a look around the shop and at home for things that could possibly start a fire. Here are some things that you can looks for:

1) check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors change batteries if needed.

2) watch where you put space heaters. don't put them around something that could catch on fire or on carpet or rug. this happens all the time.

3) watch where you put candles. candles are just as bad as space heaters and are in the top 10 fire starters.

4) check all your plugs and make sure they don't need to get replaced. bad plugs start electrical fires and get overlooked all the time.

5) look around your fireplace and make sure there isn't anything that could catch on fire. The radiant heat from the fireplace catch any combustibles on fire.

6) never walk away from anything that is cooking stove/oven. this happens to so many people during the holidays and then they come home to a burned down house.

7) keep your Christmas tree watered for those who have the real thing. trees dry out fast and will catch on fire from the warm lights. it only takes around 5min for a tree to be completely on fire.

8) look at the exit doors and make sure there isn't anything in front of them stopping access out of a building or house.

9) check outdoor Christmas lights and make sure that they are in good working condition. this is not a big fire started but it does happen.

10) for those who have kids. make sure that they are educated on what to do in case of a fire. remind them on the 911 system and escape routs etc.

these are just some of the things that happen all the time during the holiday season. it only takes 10 to 20 min to inspect your shop or house. don't make a good holiday season turn into a sad one because of small things that was mention above. be safe and happy holidays. :)

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There's an apartment complex up the street from us that's on fire right now. I kept hearing a helicopter hovering real close for a while, turned the tv to the news and sure enough, big fire. Burn it down Pooky, Burn this mother down!

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