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Guest vclimber

That would depend on what you want in a film. If you want:

-No dyes or pigments turning purple on you

-No corrosive metals to edge seal

-Low reflection (No mirrored look)

-Up to 61% solar energy rejection

-A nice earthtone look

-The best Gold Residential Warranty in the biz (if you are doing your home)

Then yes, ceramic is worth it. :DD

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Guest vclimber

The ceramic will not turn purple or amy other color for that matter because there is no dye or pigments in it. Other films that contains these things have lifetime warranties but everyone here knows that it bis a crock. If that is important to you, then yes, it is worth it. Ceramic will reject a lot of energy and not look reflective. You should have the dealer give you b a sample. If you like the look better than the other films, then yes, it is worth it. :DD

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Guest filmdit

Don't let anyone sway you away from pigmented or dyed film products... you get the right chemistry in either of these coloring agents, you get a film color that'll outlast your ownership of the car... this has been accomplished by many film products today.

Either of the two brand names you just mentioned will serve you well and so will a number of others.

Get what your wallet can afford you!

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