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seems sketchy

Guest bigboi

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My friend got quoted $150.00 for his whole car to be tinted. He has a 95' bmw 525i. Hes going to have 7 windows tinted total. The rear window, 4 rolldowns, and 2 half windows (hopefully you know what I'm talking about.) But it seems for all that, a price of $300+ sounds more correct?

Here is a link to the same car. (again quoted $150 for every window but windshield)


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Guest Tom Cat
that sounds fair....150.... :thumb

if you wanna pay 300 pay 300... :lol2

or come to me and I'll get him for 525..... :lol2


You too?? I thought I was the only one with enough balls to charge that much.. :thumb

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