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89 sedan deville

big money

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Anyone know of an easy way to remove the third brake light without removing the deck?

It does have that cover in the middle of the deck that opens. The cover and deck appear to be in two pieces, but glued together. :beer

I'm hoping to get this out without removing the rear seat back.

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I'm glad it worked out my friend, it's been a while since I've done one of those and I was hoping that I remembered it correctly. So you have any pics of the finished job? :thumb

I do, but not on a digital, have to get them developed. I owe tintdesigns some pics as well of a different car, geo turned into a pickup truck. :trustme

I had done several of these before a long time ago, but had always cut out around the brake light because thats what they all wanted. It sure was easy to remove, and reassemble. This was a clean car, no dust or bugs under the deck, this sure was nice for a change, working on a clean car.

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