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1996 C230 Kompressor

Guest pepsi

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hi, I have searched about door panels and I would like to know if it is necessary to remove the door panels for a 1996 C230 Kompressor Some shops said they don't need to open them up. How will the tint be applied to the bottom of the glass? If they don't apply to the bottom and right where the seal is, that hugs the glass above the panel, wouldn't the tint be easy to peel off when the window goes down? They also said that I would need felt. Is this true?

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

is it the convertable, if so, it has frameless door glass and you can get the tint down behind the rubber without removing the door panels.

I know on alot of the newer mercedes you do need to add felt to the inner rubber on the door as it is a hard piece of rubber not nice felted runners, alot of manufacturers are starting to go to this method.

The shop you were talking to sounds like they were on the up and up with you in my opinon.


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My car is a 4 door.

I just looked at my car and I see that there were no felt on it, or it didn't seem like it. It is this hard rubber piece that has a rough side facing the glass (from the inside of the car) There seem to be know soft material there.

So does the tint go below the seal thing?

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