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Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays fellow Tinters!!

Guest Texasrocker

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Guest Texasrocker

....Tinters Christmas Poem:

...... May your hearts be at peace, and those tint-jobs last,

...... And your customers are happy, and you dont dream about glass,

..... your knees & tired hands, get rested and healed,

..... cause your very important, and very highly skilled!!

.... Its not all your fault, if those adhesives fail,

...... Just go kick your boss, right in the tail,

..... tell them to stock, somethin better than that,

..... those 99$ specials, make you look like a rat,

..... It may take just a couple yrs, that customers show up pissed,

...... with that 99$ special job, thinking it was something you missed,

..... just explaining those fisheyes, on the film & bad glue,

...... will not be enought, to get your explanation through,

..... May the film your installing, not turn purple or blue,

...... if it does dont you worry, because its not you,

..... Were all out here testing, for mfgrs more than two,

..... So get a good nights sleep, and Merry Christmas too YOU!!!

PRO TINTERS ROCK!!! Get ready for Summer 2007, have a GREAT YR!! ol TR :thumb

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:nono Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

It was Christmas eve and the tintshop was closed

The phone was a ringing, now what do you suppose

It was a customer calling, he had a special request

He wanted it now, cheap and the very best

The tinter replied with a mighty big grin

"Not today you don't, it is Christmas eve my friend"

As the tinter hung up the phone he sighed as he said

"It is time for family, good food and some rest for my hands and my head!"

As the tinter drove home to have some good cheer

He thought to himself "Thank goodness Christmas is on a Monday this year!"

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