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Chur5ch Windows - carried over from flatglass tinting

Guest cherasia

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Guest cherasia


There is NO way to tint these windows. I drew sort of a replica and uploaded the file, it's in WORD format. The window looks to be an equilateral triangle - A-frame - type window. Approximately 38' x 38' BUT.... is comprised of a lot of smaller windows of varying sizes and glass colors. The glass is textured, several different kinds of textures. The glass is old, from the early 50's. A few of the panes are cracked/fractured. The frames are deep-set - approximately 4" deep on all sides. I couldn't even tell you what was holding them in. Some sort of tarry black stuff on the outside of the panes.

I told them there was absolutely no way I would film those windows. I am exploring the mylar blind alternative. Someone suggested spray-on stuff. Someone suggested installing a piece of plexiglass to the inside of each frame which would leave about four inches between the glass and the plexiglass, and then put film on the plexiglass.

Have any of you ever seen a mylar shade in the shape of a 35' unilateral triangle??



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Guest tintman AZ
Some jobs you just have to PASS on! The only option I can see is to have a glass company install a glass over the stained glass and then tint the piece they install! I'd stay away from tintin plexi-it wont last! As for custom blinds... :dunno:thumb

:thumb I can't believe someone suggested plexi.

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echo... :dunno

Sounds like they might have to live with what they have.... :thumb

Some churches dont have alot of funds..... :hmmm

Maybe call around to some different glass companies....see if you might be able to get them a break on new glass.... :thumb This time of year they might get lucky.



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