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Tint wont dry? Call Action News Team!

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Action 9: Window Tinting Job Turns Out To Not Be A Deal

POSTED: 4:51 pm EST December 14, 2006

UPDATED: 6:06 pm EST December 14, 2006

Elizabeth Saxon drives a 12-year-old Pontiac Grand Am GT sports coupe that she's fixing up. She started by having the windows tinted, but she hates how it turned out.

What can be seen are bubbles everywhere, especially on the passenger side and back window.

And from the inside, there?s a problem too.

"You can run your finger down and feel, see when you mash on it,? she said. ?There?s air still in it.?

The tint's also coming off.

"Now this is peeling off right there,? Saxon said.

She says the tint has become an embarrassment around friends.

"They're like, ?What's wrong with your passenger window?? And I say, ?It?s messed up,?" she said.

Saxon actually paid $100 for the tinting. The shop manager for Clearview Auto Glass in Rock Hill, who came to her house to do the work, at first told her the bubbles were normal.

?He said, ?Let it settle. It'll suck to the window.? Well two weeks went by, more bubbles are popping up," she said.

Saxon called back to say the bubbles didn't go away.

"We called and we called and he kept saying he'd come out, but didn't show up," she said.

Action 9 in touch with Clearview Auto Glass's owner, Daryl Burkett. He said they don't normally do window tinting, but that the manager did it on the side as a favor to Saxon.

After Action 9 told Burkett about her complaint, he agreed to refund her $100.

Saxon?s happy, but says she has learned a lesson.

"I done figured out from here on out if I want my windows tinted, I'm not going to go to somebody that says they do this work on the side,? she said.

Consumers should be careful about buying anything on the side. You get no warranties, no guarantees and may not get a call back if you have trouble. Shop only where they stand behind what they sell, and then make sure you get everything in writing. Also, hold onto the paperwork, your only proof in case you have a claim.


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Guest haroldshouseoftint
Yea, I gotta get a vasectomy and I have a friend of a friend who thinks he can handle the job (On the side for a hundred bucks} because he watched one preformed on the medical channel on TV! :thumb:beer

:lol2 don't you have an olfa? you can do it yourself :lol:thumb don't give your buddie the hunskie :lol

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