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Cancer in the Devil

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Many of you may not know but our Tasmanian Devil is in trouble with cancer.

Go to this link http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2003/s923774.htm

But what you don't know is that the real Devil with Bad Attitude has had his own fight with this invasive intruder of the cellular kind. :beer

Please allow me to warn you male bros approaching middle age (45 on) that it is imperative to have a physical examination and a PSA blood test every year without fail. :beer

I cannot urge you how important this issue is of mens' health.

3 months ago I got diagnosed with prostate cancer in a fairly advanced state which had spread to my pelvic bone, lympth nodes and the top of my femur bone. :beer

A seemingly indiscriminate check for cholesterol ended up with the doctor telling me I had cancer. :lol2

My PSA level was a massive 193 when it should have been 4 or under as normal.

I couldn't be operated on as the operation was deemed too risky for fear of them leaving just one cancer cell behind.

So a course of hormone depleting tablets forever to starve the cancer of its' testosterone fuel and a super powerful "Zolardex" slow release injection implant to be administered every 3 months to target the receptors of the cancer cells throughout my body. (2 months have elapsed now)

As my professor/surgeon said this was going to be the first big roll of the dice my life would ever experience and eventually it may cause my death. :beer

The only discomfort has been unbelievable hot flushes as menopausal women experience and I'm on medication for that which should subside eventually.

But with life virtually hanging in abeyance, I went back last week for another PSA blood test and he made my Xmas by saying that the cancer has gone and my PSA level was 2 and expecting to go even further by next month when I go back to give the bastard another implant for good measure.

I'm the luckiest Devil alive and God must have been on my side or he wasn't quite ready for me yet.

On a serious note though, I do urge you men to talk about prostate cancer frankly with others beit your family or friends and don't be totally ignorant to it like I and the majority of men are. :beer

That being said, oceans have no boundaries to this silent killer and I can only hope some of you heed this wake up warning for the next one you mention it to could save their life.

All the best for Xmas :lol2 and all my Xmas's have come at once.

God bless you all,

Devil (with a pationate attitude to all life).

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