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Ho Ho Ho Willie Clause 2 ???

Guest haroldshouseoftint

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

:thumb Ok Willie I went shopping last night and didn't get as much as you cuz I'm not as rich as you :thumb

Tindude for the man the myth and the legend, I give you the patience to put up with all of us clowns around here for another year :thumb

Solarspot I give you alot of tape since your always getting jacked

Tintzeus I give you the strength to shovel snow and good working clearplex for the next year

Cajun Tinter I give you a chair to come sit by me as we tailgate at the pathetic Cardinals games and root for the visitors all year long

1PEECBARETTA a years supply of diapers I think you'll need em

TINT_TERRORIST the keys to the Gila warehouse so you don't have to dumpsterdive this coming year :lol2:lol2

outkast tinter best wishes for the Chargers in the playoffs

Chick Tinter a membership to Jenny Craig so she gets back to looking like her original avatar picture :lol2

Marco the ability to keep the child labor people off of your back for the next year

willie this was a tough one since I got snubbed, but for you I got a bar so you can come to AZ, already has your name on it :thumb all its missing is stupid azz biatch on the cactus :lol2:lol2


Mdog a seat at Willies bar so we can make a more professional drinker out of you

TintWizard less work and more vacation time

TINT a real distributor not some clown group

cherasia aka Shauna I give you strength in your fingers to keep typing and asking questions on here

V climber I can't get you anything you know too much already

and for me a few more posts so I can try and break top 10 this month

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
but Santa....I can explain!!!! :lol2

ok sorry, I did forget about you, :lol2 a set of earplugs so ya don't have to listen to Willie :lol2 ah hell and since hes drinkin your beer, you get a seat in his bar too with a free tab for the weekend :lol2:beer:beer

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