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I found in Archive Foo Bar where you had asked about Gallbladder removal... anything more to report from your end as to symptoms?

Mine was removed 2 years ago... I kept having these reoccurring, what seemed to be stomach, knotted feeling in the abdomen. They were right of center and felt like a knotting up or as though something had been inserted into me and I was sensing it.

Someone mentioned ultrasound... this is how they found my troubles... much sludge and very tiny stones. I would notice it more when I ate foods high in fat or fried foods such as fries or chicken. A good steak always knotted my up.

Today's procedures for removal rarely involve opening up the gut... I had three small slits left that were stitched internally and only one is faintly visible today just over the B button.

I have heard that there are methods of getting rid of sludge that involved drinking olive oil cocktail of some kind, but I wasn't for that and my condition was more serious than a holistic remedy.

Once removed, you still have ghost sensation for a few days to weeks and most definitely must watch how heavy the grease of fat content is in the food you eat. Too much greasy or fatty food in one sitting and it's like exlax has hit you in 30 minutes time.

I've adjusted just fine to not having one today.

Hope it is something other than, but it is better to have the ultrasound than any other means of checking it. :thumb

Whoops... didn't address the back ache part. Unfortunately I've lived with chronic back ache and discomfort for so many years I wouldn't be able to notice any from gallbladder issues if they were present. However, my wife is a nurse and says that yes back ache can manifest by having (gallbladder) pain radiating around the right side.

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