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Help or advice on tinting the back window.

Guest Rsamras

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Guest Rsamras

Didn't get much replies so im posting again,

I always wanted to learn how to tint so back in 2005, I got my BMW 3 series tinted from a professional. As he was tinting my car I was writing notes down to help me later on just in case I wanted to try it one day.

Now I have a new car a Mitsubishi Galant (you can see this on my profile) I wanted to tint my new car, so I researched through the net about how to tint. (But its not the same as in a practical way) I began by tinting my patio glass which was straight and I had done a good job.

I then started on the back glass of my Mitsubishi this is what I did.

1) Cleaned my back window inside and outside

2) Placed the roll over the back window and cut to shape

3) Someone helped me by shining a torch from inside as a guide and I cut along the dot-matrix on the back window.

4) Sprayed soapy water on the back, the soapy water consisted with a couple of spoons of baby shampoo.

4) Started to Heat shrink the back (I wasn?t very sure on this) I was going to buy a heat gun but the shop didn?t have any so I had make use with the hair dryer and the night falls quickly in the UK at around 4pm. I started my heating from the top to the bottom. This process was spent around 25 minutes. (I didn?t quite know if I was doing the right thing I was just spreading my hand over the bubbles and heating over them)

5) My friend helped lifting the clear side off as I sprayed over the adhesive. At this point I was quite happy with my work 

6) carried the tint very carefully and placed it to the inside of the rear window (BLOODY COLD OUTSIDE) aligned the tint and used the squeeze, I thought I was successful, but unfortunately bubbles started appearing from the top and sides.

7) I made a 5mm cut along the sides and top to allow the bubbles to disappear but it just wouldn?t go.

8) Checked the back from the outside and the centre was perfect but you could see bubbles on the sides. Having been exhausted at this point I peeled the tint away and sprayed and realigned the tint. But no luck was with me at this stage of the process.

Having been disappointed in my self, I wasn?t going to let this one down. I know this is not something which is learnt in a day and that it can take months and months and lots of tint wastage. But I am patient and willing to learn for as long as it takes.

Having set this in mind I started searching on the net and watched any instruction clip on how to tint.

Maybe the tint I purchased was not to the highest standard or maybe because I didn?t shrink it properly.

What do you think, could be the mistake.

I have now purchased three different DVD?s on how to tint, I know, know you can never learn this way but it?s for my reference. (Have any of you purshased any dvds guide ever)

Or how did you learn to tint and be professional?

I have also got in touch with someone who is willing to show me how he tints his cars. The man is happy to show me how to tint for two days where I?ll take notes.

If anyone here is around London or not to far is it possible for me to have a look and learn. I really want to make a go of this.



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you probably got the best answer in mine on the other post. You just need to search the site here and find the info you want. The others probably didn't think there was much else to say......

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I needed the tranny rebuilt on my Astrovan, so I bought some tranny fluid and some wrenches. Did I miss anything? :lol6

Ooh, gotta get some of that orange cleaner for when you are done. Sounds like you are set, I heard it's really easy to rebuild transmissions from my neighbors cousins friend. I bet WalMart sells rebuild kits too, you should check them out as I am sure it's easy. Paying a mechanic 75+ dollars an hour is stupid when it is so easy.


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